I’ve written an LED controller that uses many concepts I’ve learned writing web pages with HTML+CSS

  1. Uploadable scripts 
  2. Recursive elements
  3. HSL colors 
  4. Element positioning (offset/length.  relative/absolute.  pixel/%/inch/centimeter units).
  5. Animation over time and position
  6. Blend operations (replace, add, subtract, min,…) when elements overlap.  These work great with HSL color components.

I call it wiLED (Web Inspired LED)

I will be blogging about different aspects of this system over the next few months as I clean up the code.  Some of my ideas are

  • Capabilities & JSON definitions
  • Arduino programming, debugging & libraries I wrote (logging, unit tests, other generic needs)
  • Standard Arduino libraries I use (ESP8266WebServer, Serial)
  • Animation (generic math animation stuff and how I’m using it)
  • Hardware (ESP8266, WS8212B)
  • A browser application that I can access through my Home Assistant dashboard or any web browser.

Leave a comment if there’s a specific topic you’d like me to cover.

My code is available on GitHub – both the Arduino sketch and the browser UI.  There are still parts I wrote a year ago after 20 years away from any significant C++ development.  And other parts that are still proof-of-concept.  I will be cleaning it up as I blog, but it can run pretty powerful scripts as it is.  

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