This project is now on GitHub. More details are there.

There are 2 purposes for this project

  1. I thought it would be fun
  2. I want to let JavaScript beginners I’ve met on Twitter participate in or watch a project being built.

This project is not

  1. A web site
  2. A JavaScript server
  3. An example of development project processes and tools.

A majority of the functionality should be available by loading the .HTML files in a browser. Some functionality is not available in the file:// domain so a simple static file server will be created for full capabilities (e.g. indexedDB, webRTC)

I plan to focus as much as possible on architecture and implementation to allow beginners to focus on those. They can see examples of processes and tools in other places.

I am very opinionated on architecture but open to a wide variety of things like style and naming conventions.

Depending on the opinions of other collaborators, we may keep things flexible. Or we can add processes, tools, and styles. I am not against anything, just want to make it as simple as possible for anyone wishing to participate.

Ideally, anyone can join us with

  1. A text editor
  2. Chrome
  3. git

The best way to reach me is on Twitter.