Javascript Callbacks, Promises & Async

Someone on twitter said she had trouble with the concept of await and promises. I thought I would give a link to a good tutorial. I found great technical articles, but not so much about the concept. If you want technical details you should scan a few google results and pick one that works for […]

Scroll Handler

This handler is not fully implemented. The basics of all event handlers is described in another post. This post describes ScrollHandler. ScrollHandler listens to javascript scroll events. Scroll events do not bubble, so even though it is possible to set a selector(), it will not change anything. Only scroll events for the listen() element are […]

Mouse Handlers

The basics of all event handlers is described in another post. This post describes MouseHandler. All of the base EventHandler functionality is available as with all CategoryEventHandlers. The most useful being MouseHandler manages callbacks for mouse events ClickHandler can also be used for ‘click’. The difference is that MouseHandler processes the mouse position while ClickHandler […]

Click Handlers

I described the basics of my latest event handlers in another post. This post describes ClickHandler. This is the most common event I process in my latest fun/experiment app. I have simple handlers such as       BuildClickHandler()         .listenTo(‘.popup’)         .selector(‘a.view’)         .onClick(viewFile)   […]

Input and Checkbox Handlers

I described the basics of my latest event handlers in another post. Inputs are a critical part of most web apps and the first handler I created. This post describes how input event handlers work in my latest fun/learning/experiment project. InputHandler is an EventHandler intended to listen for events on <input>, <select> and <textarea> elements. […]

Industry Best Practices

I spent almost a decade being very confused about best practices for software projects. I mentored most new team members away from the practices they’d been taught. I spent lots of time thinking I read articles and explanations and white papers and never found answers. My team (mostly contractors from a single consulting company) always […]

My Javascript Event Handling

This post describes the common functionality of event handling in a project I’m working on for fun. I’ve spent my career trying to stay comfortably between cryptic and verbose. I recently started a project for fun using a javascript library I first wrote over 15 years ago. It has looked like jQuery. It has looked […]

Javascript Focus Events

Javascript “focus” and “blur” events don’t bubble.  I don’t often need them to, but I run into the same problem every few years and have to re-learn about “focusin” & “focusout”.  They fire at the same time as “focus” and “blur” but do bubble. I created an example HTML page.  Where you listen to “focus” […]

Javascript Logger

I’ve written many log libraries since the 80s with messages going to devices ranging from an oscilloscope to a cell phone. My javascript logger library has evolved over 15+ years.  A simplified version is about 330 lines in 4 modules adding up to about 9KB.  It provides These modules are in my examples repository  Loggers […]

MediaTagger (personal C#/Javascript project)

I recently decided to reorganize my photo collection (again).  And after reviewing many options I decided I didn’t like any of them (again).   There are many good enough options for viewing photos.  But I haven’t found any that make it easy to sort, manage, organize, and tag over 40,000 files (photos & video)  This time, […]