Javascript Focus Events

Javascript “focus” and “blur” events don’t bubble.  I don’t often need them to, but I run into the same problem every few years and have to re-learn about “focusin” & “focusout”.  They fire at the same time as “focus” and “blur” but do bubble. I created an example HTML page.  Where you listen to “focus” […]

Javascript Logger

I’ve written many log libraries since the 80s with messages going to devices ranging from an oscilloscope to a cell phone. My javascript logger library has evolved over 15+ years.  A simplified version is about 330 lines in 4 modules adding up to about 9KB.  It provides These modules are in my examples repository  Loggers […]

MediaTagger (personal C#/Javascript project)

I recently decided to reorganize my photo collection (again).  And after reviewing many options I decided I didn’t like any of them (again).   There are many good enough options for viewing photos.  But I haven’t found any that make it easy to sort, manage, organize, and tag over 40,000 files (photos & video)  This time, […]