Web Inspired LED Controller

I’ve written an LED controller that does many things I’m used to doing in HTML+CSS: recursive elements, animation, blending,..

wiLED Examples

This post will show sample scripts from very simple to fairly complicated.  I’ll explain the most useful elements and attributes of wiLED JSON. The simples script sets all LEDs to the same color: { “elements”: [ {“hue”: 120} ] } Every script has an array of elements.  In this example, there is a single element […]

wiLED Capabilities

DRAFT: I’m still working on this post. I’ll cover the primary capabilities of the Web Inspired LED (wiLED) controller and include JSON examples.  There are 4 primary JSON objects: Script Element Container (a type of Element) Value (number, string, boolean, and very powerful patterns & ranges) Most of the snippets below are not fully functional.  Additional attributes […]