I’m building a game engine in JavaScript and invited Twitter to collaborate

Anyone want to build a JavaScript game engine and some games?

My motivation is to expose beginning developers to architecture and implementation of larger projects. And let them contribute or watch as it progresses.
But everyone’s welcome. Extra mentors are good for all of us. And we’ll use
things many JavaScript devs haven’t done before (iterators, generators, shadow DOM, SVG?, canvas?, indexedDB,WebRTC?, etc)
This will not be a “web site project” even though it runs in a browser.

I want to keep it very light on tools and process. This is for exposure to architecture and code, not tools and processes.
Ideally we just need text editor, github, and chrome?

It should work as much as possible from a file:// domain.
We can use a trivial static file server for things that file:// can’t do (indexedDB, multiplayer, etc).

My thought is one (or more) tasks a week. Everyone can try it on their own and/or follow what other people do.
Everyone can ask questions and discuss implementation ideas (is Twitter good for that?)
First few weeks will be plumbing (ENV, logging, events, DOM, ect). Vanilla JS and we’ll write everything to get some idea how frameworks do it.

Maybe discuss architecture and implementations on twitter space?

I will put all of the documents and articles I write about it here.