JavaScript Getter/Setter Danger

I recently made a mistake I’ve made before. This time decided to never again use get or set in JavaScript. I simplified a class to show the problem. Here’s some code without any issues Everything works great. I can put checks in the setter to ensure the value it is set to is a positive […]

JavaScript Enum

Details of a JavaScript Enum class I wrote and how I use it for typed enums, integers, and bit flags.

Multi-window JavaScript App

I describe everything I know about JavaScript and how it can be used in multi-window applications.

Get JavaScript Instance Methods

It’s been a while since I needed to list a JavaScript object’s methods at runtime, but I needed to do it recently. I tried what I thought I used to do: no luck. So I looked on google; checked with chatGPT; and looked on StackOverflow. Most of what I found was along the lines of […]

Game Engine Requirements

This project is now on GitHub. More details are there. The purpose of this project is to The target runtime environment is Chrome 1.10 or later. Ideally it will work on any browser but that is not a requirement for merging into master. A very simple NodeJS static file server is part of the project. […]

Game Engine Purpose

This project is now on GitHub. More details are there. There are 2 purposes for this project This project is not A majority of the functionality should be available by loading the .HTML files in a browser. Some functionality is not available in the file:// domain so a simple static file server will be created […]

Notes: Les Miserables 1862 Release

These are notes I made preparing a Twitter thread about the 1862 release of Les Miserables. It’s pretty close to the original tweet thread. No formatting or reorganizing for this post – just spelling & grammar corrections. I was surprised the first time I read events around the 1862 publication of Les Miserables.It had more […]

Computing History – Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace is generally considered to be the first computer programmer in history. Some people argue that Charles Babbage wrote algorithms before her and she was aware of them from correspondence with him. Even if true, she Modern programming takes less from Babbage’s work on a computing engine that can manipulate numbers better than humans; […]

Software Coupling (Part 2 – OO)

I provided a brief introduction to coupling in part 1. This article is specifically aimed at coupling in object-oriented systems. There are academic ways of Measuring Cohesion and Coupling of Object-Oriented Systems. And there are formal explanations of types of coupling and cohesion and complexity metrics. I’m ignoring academia and formality and measures. I’ll explain […]

Software Coupling (Part 1)

When I first started programming, a lot of thought was put into minimizing coupling. We wanted everything to be as loosely coupled as possible. Object hierarchies tend to be tightly coupled so we put effort into designing modules or packages that were loosely coupled with each other even though the objects inside were tightly coupled. […]